What we as consumers choose to eat and how we shop has a substantial impact on the environment. As Sweden’s largest online grocery retailer, Coop Mataffären see this enigma as a native part of who they are. Representing the business owner, Mataffären participated in a Vinnova-founded research project together with Doberman and The Interactive Institute. In the research project, we helped Mataffären innovate a new service proposition that could extend their offering and influence their customers’ behavior.

What we did

In collaboration with The Swedish Interactive Institute, Doberman worked through an extensive consumer insight process where multiple opportunity spaces were identified. The core idea that crystallized was simple; bring the joy in to sustainable shopping! A new service proposition was centered around a new approach for online grocery shopping that would not just inspire the customers to a sustainable mindset – it would add fun to their everyday life. To do this themes such as game mechanics and intuitive data visualization was central to the service.


The potential user experience was visualized in a touch point map, customer journey and digital prototype with the small children family in focus. The service proposition covered the complete range of touch points that connects Mataffären with their customers – from digital planning to delivery. The service concept is now used by Mataffärens management team as input to their business development.

  • “A major design challenge was to distill the broad, extensive and sharp consumer research into one single relevant service concept. Where do you start?” Albert Isaksson
    Design Director, Doberman
  • 7.278

    The number of employees in the grocery retailer group that Mataffären is part of


Vinnova – the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, invests in research and strengthens Sweden’s innovative capacity for competitiveness, sustainable development & growth.

About is one of the major online grocery retailers in Sweden and is part of the grocery chain Coop.

About The Interactive Institute
The Interactive Institute is a Swedish experimental IT & design research institute that conducts world-class applied research and innovation.

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