Online programs had long been available from SVT, the Swedish public service television company. But the service was not optimized for viewer needs — few knew about it, and those that did found the service difficult to use and enjoy. SVT approached Doberman about redefining their online TV-service to attract more users.

What we did

Doberman helped SVT reposition its web TV offering from its subordinate existence on the SVT website to a new, branded offering — SVT Play. The project included the innovation, design and implementation of the brand, web and mobile services, functionality for external platforms such as other TV operators’ on-demand services and principles for how the service would correlate with traditional TV and their internal organizations.


SVT Play immediately set a standard that every other network has been trying to replicate since. Daily use by the core target audience more than doubled in one year, and the name “Play” became the accepted noun for on-demand TV in Sweden. Today SVT Play is the single largest on-demand TV service in Sweden, with 1.7 million viewers every week.

  • “Here’s a project to tell my grandchildren about.” - Jon Kindell
    Technical Director, Doberman
  • 900,000

    hours spent watching TV on SVT Play during one week in december 2012

  • 73%

    The growth between 2008 and 2009 when the service was launched in its current design


About SVT
SVT is the Swedish public service television company with over 50 years of history. SVT is Sweden’s largest TV company.

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