• Body and soul

    Posted September 09, 2013

    Doberman designs the world's first complete Mental Health First Aid Kit

    In today’s world, mental health problems have become just as common as physical health issues. That’s why we’re very proud of the new first aid kit we’ve designed together with the Swedish Agency for Disability Policy Co-ordination, Handisam.

    The New First Aid Kit is an integrated service and product with the aim to prevent long-term sick leave by erasing taboos when it comes to attitudes towards mental health. The service integrates a wall mounted first aid kit for workplaces (with the traditional bandages and wet wipes) with an easy-to-use self evaluation test, a hotline direct number to a certified mental health care professional and a quick guide how to help a colleague.

    The core idea originally came from “Sommardesignkontoret”, a design project for undergraduate students started by SVID and directed, mentored and hosted by Doberman in 2012. The New First Aid Kit is developed together with our partnerns Swedbank, Sveriges Byggindustrier and EON and is currently being tested against 1 000 people around Sweden.

    September 09, 2013

    More information
    Please contact Thérèse Mannheimer
    at +46 709 275 247
    or send an email

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  • New Managing Director

    Posted January 13, 2015

    Doberman strengthens its Stockholm office leadership

    To support our ongoing growth in both Stockholm and New York we are happy to announce the new Managing Director for our Stockholm office – Klara Adolphson, currently Director of Innovation Leadership at Vinnova, Sweden’s public innovation agency.

    – In Klara, we’ve found a natural leader for Doberman in Stockholm. She has a intuitive understanding for what leadership in creative organizations means, says Eva Swartz Grimaldi, Chair of the Board at Doberman.

    The recruitment adds to Doberman’s existing leadership. Anders Frostenson will continue as Managing Director of the New York office and Lisa Lindström will continue her leadership as Doberman’s global CEO and strategic advisor to Doberman’s clients.

    – Klara is an amazing addition to both our organization and our clients. She knows innovation through and through. But maybe even more importantly, she’s a soul mate to all of us at Doberman. She shares our beliefs, which is crucial for creating true magic together, says Lisa Lindström, CEO at Doberman.

    As unit director at Vinnova, Klara has led the work of financing initiatives that acknowledge increased innovation capability in Swedish organizations. Klara has a background as a management consultant and she holds a degree from the legendary hybrid business and design school Kaospilot in Denmark.

    – I’m so eager to get started! To be honest, Doberman is a truly unique organization when it comes to their design and innovation culture. This shows in everything, from how they collaborate to their challenging client engagements. I’m really looking forward to contribute to that, says Klara Adolphson.

    January 13, 2015

    More information
    Please contact Lisa
    at +46 70 927 52 01
    or send an email

  • Wanted: Design Technologist

    Posted January 12, 2015

    We are looking for an experienced Design Technologist to join our expanding team in New York City.

    As a Design Technologist at Doberman you will be working in multidisciplinary teams with things that matter; we always aim to create the best user experience possible and we’re looking for someone who will enjoy helping us fuse design and code into digital products and services that are useful, usable and beautiful.

    We think that you:

    - have a great heart
    - are driven, yet humble and pragmatic
    - understand and value the importance of good design
    - love and take pride in presenting a great user experience

    We want you to:

    - write semantic HTML/CSS and scalable and maintainable JS
    - have experience in Web App Frameworks such as:
    - Django
    - Ruby on Rails
    - have a broad understanding of different front end frameworks and libraries (such as BackboneJS, Angular, Ember, etc) and can apply them as appropriate
    - be detail-oriented, especially visual detail related to UI / UX
    - have experience with responsive web design projects

    It would be great if you also:

    - take pride writing efficient code and following industry patterns, best-practices and standards
    - be collaborative while able to take ownership of projects and tasks as appropriate
    - have a curiosity about trends and developments in technology

    Some of our perks:

    - 25 days of Paid Time Off (PTO)
    - 100% company paid benefits package
    - 401(k) plan
    - 8 hour work day is expected, no regular overtime
    - bonus, at the end of a good year

    Doberman was founded over a decade ago. Today, we are a leading design firm based in New York, Stockholm and at our think tank studio in Berlin. Over the years we have nurtured a collaborative and people-focused culture because we believe that that fuels innovation. This culture led the Swedish Minister for Employment to hand over the prize for Sweden’s Best Employer and our Managing Director to be appointed Sweden’s Service Innovator of the Year.

    Interested? Please send your application (along with your GitHub username) to work-nyc@dobermandesign.com

    January 12, 2015

    Interested? Please send your application (along with your GitHub username) to work-nyc@dobermandesign.com

  • Hello Design Technologist

    Posted December 16, 2014

    We’re looking for a Design Technologist to join our team in Stockholm and help us fuse design and code into something that is both usable and beautiful.

    As a Design Technologist at Doberman you will be working with things that matter together with great people in multidisciplinary teams.

    We always aim to create the best user experience possible and we are looking for someone who will enjoy helping us fuse design and code into something that is both usable and beautiful.

    You will be a part of a versatile team of developers that spans between our two offices in Stockholm and New York. We love sharing our knowledge and exploring new technologies together.

    We expect you to:
    - Previous relevant work experience
    - Be fluent in Swedish and English
    - Be able to take technical lead when needed and guide the client to a good technical solution
    - Have an understanding about various JavaScript patterns and frameworks. You understand that there is obviously a lot more to JavaScript than jQuery.
    - Write semantic, accessible HTML and know about modern CSS development using whatever setup is suitable for each project (e.g. BEM, SMACSS)
    - Experience working with modern development tools like CSS preprocessor (e.g. SASS), Git, Grunt or Gulp
    - Previous experience working with modern web frameworks like Ruby on Rails or Django
    - Enjoy discussing code and finding the best technical solution
    - Understand the importance of good design

    We would LOVE it if you also:
    - Have previous experience working with various modern cloud services like Google Cloud Platform (e.g. App Engine), Heroku and/or AWS (e.g. EC2/S3)
    - Have a couple of personal projects that you are hacking on
    - Have a working knowledge in iOS and/or Android development
    - Enjoy hot beverages, playing one or two games of COD or FIFA and the occasional animal in the office.

    Please send your application, along with your GitHub username, to techsthlm@doberman.se. Discretion guaranteed.

    December 16, 2014

    Please send us an email